Aging and Memory Care

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Aging and Memory Care

About 1 of every 5 Americans in their 70s experiences some form of mild memory loss. When an
older adult begins to experience memory loss, they may experience role confusion. They might
feel they are no longer a productive member of society. This can lead to feelings of depression
and […]

Fall Prevention Exercises for the Elderly

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Fall Prevention Exercises for the Elderly

As individuals age, bone and muscle mass diminishes, vestibular systems are weakened and falls become
more common. Fall-related injuries make up about one-quarter of hospitalizations in the elderly, and
senior citizens without balance and strength training are more likely to experience falls. For seniors,
exercises focused on fall […]

How to Comfort Someone Diagnosed with Mesothelioma

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How to Comfort Someone with Mesothelioma

Receiving a diagnosis of a terminal disease, such as mesothelioma cancer, is never easy. No one ever wants to hear the dreadful statement: “It’s cancer.” That simple six-letter word can strike fear into anyone. A cancer diagnosis is also often accompanied by anxiety and even […]

The Elderly – America’s Forgotten Citizens

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The Elderly – America’s Forgotten Citizens

Although the genetic makeup of a human being has a significant impact on their expected longevity, a healthy environment, proper diet, consistent exercise, and regular participation in general activities can all prolong life.

According to the Penn State Research Department, a few […]

Good Nutritional Habits for the Elderly

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Good Nutritional Habits for Seniors

With age comes a number of new health concerns and an increased need for good nutritional habits. You need to make sure that your body is getting the nutrients that it needs to function properly, but it’s all too easy to get confused by the alphabet […]

Fatigue during Mesothelioma Treatment

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How to Overcome Fatigue during Mesothelioma Treatment

Fatigue is a common symptom of cancer, and it’s often made worse by cancer treatment. Extreme exhaustion can alarm patients and their caregivers, but fatigue is normal during cancer treatment, and there are ways to cope and recover.
Fatigue isn’t just feeling tired; […]

Eating Healthy During The Holidays

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Eating Healthy During The Holidays

Healthy еаting ѕееmѕ likе аn imроѕѕiblе tаѕk, еѕресiаllу during the hоlidауѕ, thе hоlidауѕ ѕееm to рrеѕеnt a сhаllеngе in thiѕ rеgаrd. Thе еxсеѕѕ, nоt tо mention the sugary trеаtѕ, wine and оthеr temptations thаt undеr nоrmаl circumstances wоuld nоt bе ѕо […]